Initially Il Pacioccone was a small restaurant located in Perugia, in Umbria. Paolo also in Perugia was a fabulous host able to entertain his clients not only with his flat delights but also with his whimsical and amusing personality. One day Marco, an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, went to eat at this small restaurant called Il Pacioccone. A strong friendship was immediately born between the two that led them to decide to open a restaurant in Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam

SINCE 2013

 In 2013 in Sint Jacobsstraat, a small street in the center of Amsterdam, the two entrepreneurs and friends opened their first restaurant: Il Pacioccone. Today Il Pacioccone is in a new location, just few steps from  the old one, but it maintains exactly the same concept as in 2013. Over the years other restaurants were also opened, such as La Zoccola del Pacioccone, La Zoccola Aruba, Vineria del Pacioccone and La Zoccola Singel.

This is a story of authenticity, respect of tradition and friendship…